See what some of the things that our children’s families stated about the
Knowledge Tree Preschool…

“A Montessori-style environment”

“Great events, family oriented”

“I felt a sense of community in the school.”

“My child looks forward to going to school, an indication to us that she loves the school, people, and learning new things.”

“Much of the Knowledge Tree’s curriculum and educational practices are reflective of local area elite academies.”

“Everything, my child enjoyed everything”

“Small school setting-low student to teacher ratio”

“I thought the Pot Luck dinner was fantastic and my child had a great time!”

“I loved the curriculum, teachers, and the structure of the program”

“Ms. Penny & Ms. Vicky have beautifully facilitated a caring, nurturing, environment.”

“The teachers friendliness, I found them very knowledgeable”

“My child loved the field trip to the Post Office.”

“My children loved this preschool and I will recommend it to anyone.”

“Just keep doing the same great work that you have doing, thank you!”

See what our students are saying…

“The school is perfect and awesome.” Michael, age 5

“I really like making new friends and playing with them. I like making
gingerbread houses. I like learning everything at school. Reading
and snack are my favorite school times. My other favorite
part is playing on the computer. I like going outside to play in the park
and I also like that sometimes I can stay later and have lunch at school.
I like when Ollie the Owl (travelling journal) comes to my house. I like
pretending to be different people in dramatic play. I pretty much like everything”
Jackson, age 4