Program Hours of Operation

The Knowledge Tree Preschool compliments the Randolph Public School calendar and is open daily from 8AM-4:00PM.   Holidays and snow days will coincide with the Randolph Public School system.  The morning hours will be used entirely for classroom instruction.  In the afternoons, children will have lunch, a mandatory “rest” time, and the remainder of the afternoon will be used for play and/or reinforcement of the curriculum.

Please note that your family is committing to the program for a full school calendar year.  In the event there is a need to increase the hours/days your child attends, the Knowledge Tree Preschool will do its best to accommodate those requests.   Alternatively, if your family needs to decrease your child hours/days, the school requires a minimum of thirty days notice.

Arrivals and Dismissal

The Knowledge Tree Preschool School day will begin promptly at 8:00A.M or 9A.M. depending on your child’s schedule.  We ask that parents/guardians arrive on time so that we can begin our day.  Additionally, the school day ends at 12:00P.M. for our half day program or 4:00P.M for our full-day program, we kindly request that children are picked up on time.  If for some reason, a parent is unable to pick their child up on time, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the school and/or to make appropriate arrangements for their child’s dismissal as specified on their emergency contact card.

We understand that tardiness sometimes cannot be helped and trust that parents will not abuse the school’s policy regarding this issue.  If for some reason, tardiness becomes a habitual problem, the parent will be spoken to once and if the issue is not resolved, after the first five minutes of being late, the school has the right to impose $1.00 per minute for every minute thereafter.

Cell Phone Use

For the safety of the students and their families, the Knowledge Tree Preschool is a “Cell Phone Free Zone”.  We respectfully request that you refrain from cell phone use when dropping off or picking up your child.  The “Cell Phone Free Zone” begins when entering Seton Way and ends upon exiting onto North Street.


Lunch Bunch

The Knowledge Tree Preschool offers an optional “Lunch Bunch” program for additional $7.00 per day.  This is strictly a social hour where children can eat lunch and play with their peers in a structured environment.  Although this is a drop in service, parents are strongly encouraged to register in advance.  (Please note that priority will be given to our full-time students.)  In accordance with our license, we need to maintain a 1:10 ratio.  Once we have reached our capacity, the slot will be considered filled.

It is important to note that once you have registered and paid for the slot, you are obligated to have your child attend on that specified day.  If your child is ill or another issue arises in which your child cannot attend, the Knowledge Tree Preschool is not required to refund or apply the amount to another day.  On the contrary, if the Knowledge Tree Preschool needs to cancel the lunch bunch program due to illness, emergencies, or unforeseen conflicts, we will happily reimburse you or apply the lunch bunch fee to another day.



To get the most of your child’s learning experience, it is important for children to attend regularly.  If for some reason your child cannot attend, please call the school.  Please notify the school if your child has been exposed to a communicable disease.  If your child is absent due to a fever or vomiting/diarrhea, they must be symptom free without medication for 24 hours for a fever and on a normal diet for 48 hours for vomiting or diarrhea before returning to school.


Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, when Randolph Public Schools report that they are not open, the Knowledge Tree Preschool will be closed as well. The Knowledge Tree Preschool will email families by 6:00am if school is closed.  The Preschool will also change the outgoing voicemail message if there is a cancellation.

Snacks and Food

On the days your child attends school you will need to provide a SMALL nutritious snack and drink.  If your child is signed up to attend the lunch bunch session a separate lunch and drink will be needed.  Some suggested ideas for snack are pretzels, yogurt, cheese, crackers, juice, veggies and dip, grapes, sliced oranges or other fruit, and/or cereal, which has been recommended by USDA guidance for nutrition.  Additionally, we will provide you with a healthy snack list at our orientation in September, which may note whether certain food or products are prohibited due to allergies.  Children who are staying for our extended day program are also encouraged to bring an extra snack for the afternoon.



Birthdays are a special time for children! They will be celebrated in our class through song and wearing of a birthday crown.  Due to the varied and severe allergies associated with this year’s student body, we will be unable to serve any birthday snacks during the school day.  However, you are welcome to send in goodie bags or small tokens to acknowledge your child’s special day and we will see that they are sent home in backpacks for each family’s discretion.  Your child’s teacher will confirm the date and the correct number of children attending that day.  However, it is not necessary to send in treats, we will honor your child’s day nonetheless.  All summer birthdays will be celebrated in June.   Please do not send party invitations to school to be distributed.  Children at this age can easily have hurt feelings if they are excluded.  



Please do not send your child to school with any toys from home because they may be lost, broken or hard for them to share. There are plenty of toys available to them within their classroom.  The only time a toy would be allowed is when it brought in for our weekly themed show and tell.

Driveway Traffic

Please follow the flow of traffic by entering through the Seton Way entrance and following the driveway around to the back of the building.  All visitors must exit through the cemetery.

Parental Rights and Responsibilities


Once school hours are in session all doors are kept locked for the safety of your children.  After school is in session, a member of our staff would come to the door to greet you and help you with your inquiry.

Release of Students

Students will only be released to parents or those persons listed on the emergency card (must be over 18 years of age).  Other persons picking up a child from preschool must present written permission.  For your child’s safety, there will be no exceptions to these rules.  If you have special circumstances that affect the release of your child, please note them on the emergency card.

Parent Volunteers

We welcome parent volunteers in the classroom.  Although we do welcome parents/guardians and grandparents in the classroom, please be aware that younger siblings can be disruptive and can also distract from the excitement that your child feels in sharing his/her school environment with you.


Parent/teacher conferences

Parent conferences are held twice a year (Nov., and May). The purpose of the conference is twofold: 1) EEC does require that we evaluate and record such information as part of their licensing process; and 2) to give you a general description of your child’s development and behavior while here at school.  A full report will be provided to you indicating your child’s strengths and any developmental areas that need attention will also be addressed during the conference.  The report will provide us with the opportunity to monitor your child’s future developmental progress in order to plan curriculum according to his/her developmental needs.