The Knowledge Tree Preschool’s curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks which will solidly prepare your child for kindergarten.  Our core curriculum consists of mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, music, art, and dramatic play.  At the Knowledge Tree Preschool we utilize a cross-curricular approach to learning so that many of our activities incorporate more than one of our core curriculum subjects.  For example, in the dramatic play center children will be developing their socialization skills while playing store.  In this center, your child will also be engaging in number sense activities (counting and coin recognition), both essential learning areas in an early childhood mathematics program.  Our program offers center-based learning where children will be in charge of directing their own learning through hands-on exploration of their environment.  Additionally, children will be exposed to technology in the classroom through the use of computers.

Sample of Daily Schedule

8:00-9:00AM Drop-off for Full-time students.  Children can bring a small portable breakfast to school.  Children will engage in free play for the remaining part of the hour.

9:00-9:10AM Children arrive-parents bring children to cloak room where, with assistance from parents, they will take off coats, hang up backpacks, place lunch box in wagon and are lead by
their parent to the classroom for morning work.

9:10-9:35AM Circle time, attendance, calendar, weather, group learning time (stories, music,
reinforcement of curriculum agendas of the month)

9:35-10:05AM Children choose centers (math/manipulatives, language/literacy, art, dramatic play, science, library, writing/technology,  sensory learning).

10:05-10:10AM Children go to bathroom and wash hands.

10:10-10:30AM Snack time, this time is used for nourishment and socialization.

10:30-11:00AM Free Play, this time is used for children to explore their environment for learning and play.

11:00-11:30AM Closing Circle.  As a way of transitioning from school to home, children will use the
attendance chart to find their names and move their name from the school pocket to the home pocket.

11:30-12:00PM Children will engaged in gross motor play (inside or outside.) We will go outside everyday-weather permitting.   Goodbyes to the children who do not stay for the extended day.
12:00-1:00PMunch Bunch program.

1:00-1:15PM Rest time preparation (visit bathroom, wash hands, brush teeth).

1:15-1:45PM Children will use this time for rest.  They are not required to sleep during this time.  Children may lay on their rest mats and enjoy the relaxation music.

1:45-2:15PM Small group instruction and/or Free Play.  This time is used for reinforcement and/or extension of curriculum.  Teacher will engage a small group in a game or activity that will extend learning concepts.  Any children who have fallen asleep will be woken up.

2:15-2:30PM Clean up, get coats and back packs ready.